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Le Grand-Bornand A genuine resort at the heart of the French Alps

Are you looking for a village resort for your next mountain vacation? Le Grand-Bornand, a small charming resort in the French Alps located just 45 minutes from Annecy, in Haute-Savoie, and 45 mn from Geneva International Airport will seduce you. A veritable mountain village, Le Grand-Bornand is lively all year round and attracts many summer and winter travelers looking for fresh air and escape.


Discover this Alpine village resort where authentic charm resonates…

Le villageLe Grand-Bornand, truly authentic

Le Grand-Bornand is a jewel of a village, nestled between the Bornes Mountains and the Aravis Mountains. This typical Savoyard town has managed to stay true to its roots: its traditional covered market, like a gem from the past, the village square, the church and the array of small local shops offering culinary specialties, souvenirs and other handmade objects, treasures reflecting the know-how of a time long gone.

With more than 400 chalets, mostly bicentennial, Le Grand-Bornand is the French resort which has saved the greatest number of period chalets, witnesses to this traditional habitat. The oldest amongst them has housed the same family since 1664, proof of the strong attachment the Bornandins have to the heritage of yesteryear and the village that they cherish so much. In Le Grand-Bornand, everyone has known each other from an early age. All generations rub shoulders and the village vibrates with a rustic, sincere and genuinely welcoming atmosphere.

A town marked by the beauty of the surrounding landscape, the warmth of the chalets and the good humor of its inhabitants.

around le GRAND-BORNANDAn exceptional landscape

Le Grand-Bornand is one of the most beautiful resorts in the French Alps. Ideally located, you will not remain insensitive to the charms of the grandiose landscapes in this small typical mountain village.


Sitting at 1000 meters, Le Grand-Bornand main village offers direct access to the Nordic and Alpine ski areas. In the background of the village, you can discover the Bouchet valley, a breathtaking landscape at the foot of the Aravis Mountains, leading to the Col des Annes.


At 1600 meters stands Le Grand-Bornand Chinaillon, a tiny charming village dating from the 17th century and which has remained intact, preserved from time and its major metamorphoses. The small stone chapel and its period chalets can be explored during a stroll in the heart of pristine landscapes. The village of Chinaillon, the main start of the alpine ski slopes, is linked to Le Grand-Bornand by a cable car, offering the opportunity for skiers to reach the slopes from the village of their choice.Feast your eyes on the majestic and panoramic beauty of the Aravis chain and the Mont-Blanc.

The ski resortLe Grand-Bornand resort

The Grand-Bornand ski resort offers 84 kilometers of slopes, from 1,300 meters to 2,100 meters above sea level. This sunny resort reveals a magnificent ski area which will delight all ski enthusiasts. Gentle slopes or steep descents, Le Grand-Bornand has 46 tracks, ranging from green to black, delivering to the desires of all skiers. You can also discover and experience the snowpark, multiple rails of all levels, two boardercross courses, a Big Airbag and even a timed track where you can come and compete with our champions.

Two beginners' areas have been set up to allow future champions to learn this board sport with complete peace of mind.

Le Grand-Bornand is also a vast playground for both summer and winter; Alpine skiing, biathlon, ski touring, sledding, paragliding, via ferrata ... Give free rein to all your desires!

Le Grand-Bornand Tasty gastronomy

Le Grand-Bornand is none other than the birthplace of the well-known farmers’ Reblochon cheese, a local delicacy born in the 13th century in the pastures of the Col des Annes. The Péla, the "real" tartiflette or the Savoyard ‘Farcement’ are all recipes you can enjoy to discover the many ways of savouring reblochon in a different way.

A leading agricultural commune in Haute-Savoie, Le Grand-Bornand has no less than 40 farms still in operation and nearly 2,000 cows, almost as many as the number of inhabitants per year. In the heart of the PDO production area of Reblochon, the famous round cheese can also be discovered during visits to farms , and on the stands of the last remaining Reblochon market in the area, an institution that dates back to 1795 and which still sells to cheese enthusiasts every Wednesday morning.

Les Fermes du Grand-Bô

Compétition A land of champions and legendary events

Competition is truly a part of this resort’s DNA, as evidenced by the list of champions lined up at the start of international competitions the world over. Le Grand-Bornand is the most regularly represented resort on the ski World Cup circuits, all disciplines combined. To date, Grand-Bornand has counted 9 champions, 12 Olympic and Paralympic medals, 30 world medals (including 11 titles of world champions) and 6 Crystal Globes. A real source of pride for this mountain village.

Le Grand-Bornand is also the site of major world-renowned sporting events, such as the Tour de France or the Biathlon World Cup. Each year, the resort also organizes La Glisse en Coeur, the number 1 charity event in the French mountains, that presents a formidable challenge to any who partake: skiing non-stop 24 hour relays and trying to collect the maximum amount of donations for Grégory Lemarchal and Étoile des Neiges, all in a festive and jovial atmosphere, to the background music of free music concerts. The many events that take place throughout the year make this small Alpine resort a very lively holiday spot.

Timeless holiday in Le Grand-Bornand

This village of character lives all year round to the beat of its numerous traditional festivals. The winter torch descents and other Christmas festivities are followed by the spectacular ascent / descent of alpine pastures, as well as other country festivals that allow for a unique and privileged mix of locals and travelers!

Book your stay in Le Grand-Bornand today and enjoy an exceptional holiday in the heart of the French Alps. An opportunity to connect with the local flora and fauna and have magical moments with family and friends.